Meprofarm has been continued to develop into a large pharmaceutical company in Indonesia since its establishment in 1973. Put quality as the ultimate guideline that absolutely must be achieved and can’t be compromised in producing products in accordance with current requirements and standards. Supported by professional management and human resources with competence in the field, Meprofarm always keep on doing continuous improvement in all aspects. Meprofarm cooperates with government agencies and the Indonesian Pharmaceutical Companies Association to comply with and improve industry standards.

MEPRO-1 has been operating since 1995 with a land area of 40,000 m2 and a building area of 25,000 m2. This production facility is designed and built in accordance with the requirements of the current CPOB. MEPROFARM recognizes that achieving success is not a gift but something to be accomplished with continuous effort. This is supported by the high commitment of management and all employees of MEPROFARM, who consistently and persistently make continuous improvements in all aspects of business and work. In connection with this, we developed a new production facility called MEPRO-2 located at the back of MEPRO-1. Mepro-2 is focused on producing liquid injection, liquid syrups, creams and suppositories / ovules. MEPRO-2 is also equipped with the "state of the arts" facilities in the Research and Development divison to support the better development of new products, accelerate the marketing of new products and of course to improve the quality of the product itself. MEPRO-1 and MEPRO-2 production facilities are not only meet MEPROFARM needs, but we are also open to cooperate with other pharmaceutical industries, e.g. in the field of toll manufacturing. Confidence in MEPROFARM is increasing and is recognized by other pharmaceutical industries as evidenced by the increasing number of pharmaceutical companies that manufacture their products in our facilities.

your wellness is our concern

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Our Mission

Marketing health products and services to improve the standard of human life

Our Vision

Being a large healthcare company, which is making continuous improvements in marketing quality health products and services


Quality Policy

MEPROFARM is an organization that specializes in manufacturing of high quality drugs for medical health. MEPROFARM puts quality as the ultimate guideline that absolutely must be achieved and can’t be compromised in producing products in accordance with current requirements and standards. In realizing the motto of "Your Wellness is our concern", all management and employees of MEPROFARM have a high commitment to consistently conduct "CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT" in all aspects to produce high quality and competitive products.

Environtment Policy

MEPROFARM is an organization in Indonesia that conducts activities by prioritizing work processes that have minimal impact on the environment by reusing process waste and reducing the use of hazardous materials and energy. The management and all staff of MEPROFARM are determined to always exert all efforts to ensure that their activities always lead to sustainable environmental improvement and are committed to always comply with all applicable environmental regulations. This policy will always be communicated to all levels of management and all employees to make this policy the main guidelines and company values.