1 January, 2016


As a company that has a responsibility to the environment and not solely profit-oriented. Mepro has a sense of social responsibility that encompasses all stakeholders to the surrounding environment. And it becomes an important foundation for all stakeholders to play an active role in every corporate social responsibility.

This CSR program is developed in line with corporate programs and government as regulators and communities. This is done in the hope that every CSR program conducted to obtain optimal and appropriate results according to the target. It is expected that all CSR programs can foster a sense of belonging to all parties. Mepro's CSR programs cover 3 basic issues in Indonesia including: health, education & community empowerment.

For that purpose Meprolights are divided into 3 main pillars: Meprolights Sehatkan Indonesia, CSR program that covers health issues with forms of Free Medical Activity, Blood Donor & Disaster Emergency Response. Meprolights Cerdaskan Indonesia, focusing on improving health education facilities and infrastructure. Meprolights Majukan Indonesia, CSR program that focuses on improving the quality of education & health aimed at the needy community groups.

Meprolights Sehatkan Indonesia, Meprolights Cerdaskan Indonesia, Meprolights Majukan Indonesia

"We hope that with this Corporate Social Responsibility program, the need for health and education can be helped by the program." said Erik Darius Mardiwidyo, as President Director of PT Meprofarm.

(Corporate Communication, 2016)