Meprolights Sehatkan Indonesia

March 1, 2013


As a form of sense of social responsibility to the community of PT Meprofarm at the age of 43 years is realized by holding a free medical treatment. Free medical treatment is given to the people of Ibun Majalaya sub-district, Bandung District. This program lasts for 1 day, on March 19, 2016.

The free medical treatment program of PT Meprofarm carries 50 medical and pharmacist workers, and medicines related to complaints of respiratory infections, joint pain, gastric complaints, diarrhea, diabetes, vertigo, skin and fungal diseases, which served as many as 600 residents. The activities of Corporate Social Responsibility Free Medical Treatment is done at the Sub-district Office of Ibun Majalaya, Bandung District.

President Director of PT Meprofarm, Erik Darius Mardiwidyo explained that, "This free medical treatment program is held as a form of PT Meprofarm appreciation to the public, and because the company feels social responsibility towards society & environment, not merely profit-oriented."

"The Meprolights Makes Indonesia Healthy CSR program is in line with our tagline that is Your Wellness is Our Concern"

which will continue to be realized as an important foundation for all stakeholders to play an active role in every corporate social responsibility. The program is developed in line with corporate programs and government as regulators and communities. And for the Sub-District of Ibun itself is the first time held free medical treatment program ", added Erik Darius Mardiwidyo.

(Corporate Communication, 2016)